Day 1 & 2 – Trying New Things

After such a stressful month or two, I have though some research decided to work on methods to recharge myself. Between work and helping my daughter get everything together to buy her first house, I am drained beyond believe. Having migraines almost daily, including losing an entire day on Monday, to sleep off the past 4 consecutive days with migraine instead of going to the ER.

I read that one of the ways to recharge oneself is to take a bath in sea salt or epsom salt and essential oils. Using candles during the time is another great way to recharge. I have to say this sounded wonderful to me. I filled the tub with water & the salt and essential oils. Lit a couple of candles and settled in to relax.

I also decided that quiet time would be a good time to meditate. Warm and comfortable and trying to relax. Works for me! I found a few (putting it mildly) guided medition albums on Spotify. I found one that I like, including one that is a 21 day challenge. I listened to it and meditated along with the guide. I found a couple others to try, since I didn’t want to try just one and continued to meditate.

After I was done, I couldn’t say I felt any different, but I figured, maybe I just needed to give it a few days, like most anything.

I went to bed and decided to try meditation to help me sleep, I’ve always been a night person and have a hard time falling asleep when I’m at my peak. It must have worked because I fell asleep in the middle of the meditation.

The next morning, I woke on my own, since it was my day off I was even able to sleep in. I had a nail appointment, which I almost forgot about, and when I awoke, my friend messaged me that she had a cancellation if I wanted to come in early. When I arrived, I asked if she had time for a pedicure as well and she did. Getting my nails done is one of the very few things I actually do for me. This is my me time and how I pamper myself.

Anyway, I actually felt a bit lighter that morning, for a time. It didn’t last long, but I did feel better.

Last night, I listened to the Day 2 Meditation and shortly after the Sleep Meditation. I may have chosen a shorter one because I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of this one. So I just turned on my sleep playlist and fell asleep not long after.

I’m not sure how I’m feeling today. Other than I felt the need to finish my blog and whether or not anyone reads this my journaling through this new path. Which I have now done. Now I need to stop being lazy and go be productive and help get the house ready for my daughter’s baby shower tomorrow.


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